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of each garment price goes directly to charity.


covers the cost of purchasing the materials repurposed to make the garments. These materials are acquired from charity stores, such as: Age UK, The Children's Air Ambulance Charity and Mind.


is donated to SASANE, a survivor-led organisation with the mission to “end the physical and sexual exploitation of young girls in Nepal”. 

"Women survivors of human trafficking have immense potential to combat the exploitation of Nepalese women and girls and to create social change" - SASANE, 2018

SASANE (Samrakshak Samuha Nepal) operates four programmes, each with the joint aim to "break the cycles of exploitation, increase women’s access to justice, and reintegrate survivors into society as valued and respected members of their community”. These programmes consist of: Paralegal, Community Outreach, School Awareness and Sisterhood of Survivors.


The Paralegal programme educates victims of sexual-trafficking in: psychosocial and legal counselling; data collection; legal assistance throughout court proceedings and additionally raises awareness of their own legal rights. Once they have gained their paralegal qualification, survivors work in police stations across Nepal “providing access to justice, free of charge, to other survivors of human trafficking and gender-based violence".


The Community Outreach programme works with 10 communities in remote villages, providing “literacy skills to men, women and children through general education, life skill trainings, health and hygiene awareness and income generation opportunities”.


The School Awareness programme operates in 60 schools in the Kathmandu and Pokhara districts. The programme “intends to educate school children on various aspects of trafficking, violence, policies and related laws to reduce the risk of being trafficked and exploited”. Moving forward,  SASANE plans to "extend its School Awareness Program to earthquake-affected districts focusing on the vulnerable children of remote areas”"


The Sisterhood of Survivors programme  consists of “training related to the tourism sector." For example, "providing survivors with the training for trekking and tourist guides, certified through Nepal Tourism and Training Centre”.

The purchase of ONE garment raises enough money to fund SIX survivors' Paralegal exam fees.

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